This Photo, #8

Just an Old Barn

Image File DSC05688

August 2013

The last post, here, we talked about photographing a Chevrolet pickup truck

After leaving the truck, Mark and Mike and I drove past Cass and Turner Bend and were heading home.  It had been a long day, and we were ready to go home, and it was nearly sunset.  Along Highway 23, we saw an old barn in some amazing light, looked at each other, stopped and jumped out…

There was a bit of mist in the pasture between us and the Mulberry River.  In the tall grass of the pasture, there were cattle moving like shadows in the mist.  There were bales of hay and pieces of the barn’s metal roof lying about.  And there was the light.

I photographed the bales of hay, and the cattle in the distant fog, and the barn.

  DSC05701      The Old Barn-05696      Mulberry River Farm Sunset

And the barn was the focus (forgive the pun) of our efforts.  And, my photographs, in the camera, really did not satisfy me.  On the other hand, Mike later showed me his version, after his post-processing.  For the umpteenth time, I was inspired by what he had accomplished, and although I am not the editor he is, I decided to re-work my image…

Mulberry River Farm Sunset

Nothing was added.  The color was there, and this is what we saw – the reason we made photos so intensely for about 45 minutes until the light was gone…  The editing process – of our RAW files in Lightroom – is done to enhance the photo and bring out the best parts of it – not make it anything more than what it was…

I hope you enjoy this photo and the back story.  It has sparked compliments and conversation whenever seen.  As always, and as I have previously stated, never give up on your image until you know you have done all you can.

Technical data:

Sony Alpha 77, Sony DT16-50mm f/2.8 lens, zoom at 22mm, f/22 for 1/6 second at ISO 200.  Manfrotto tripod.  Image is uncropped.

Until next time, I will be following the light.  I hope you do the same!


3 thoughts on “This Photo, #8

  1. Just opened your blog. The pictures are outstanding but the ole barn is an Ansel Adams. I don’t know how you edited it but what a shot. Every color and everything in the shot is wonderful. If you have an edit class please post on your blog. OUTSTANDING OUTSTANDING Waiting for the next shots to come. Thanks for sharing.

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