The Wheatfield

Most days, I drive to work via the Clayton Expressway, also known as Highway 255 truck route.  For me, it’s a relaxing drive along the Arkansas River, through rural areas of plowed fields, often planted with various crops.  I’ve seen bald eagles and red-tailed hawks, deer and coyotes.

Recently, it seemed to me there was a photo in the wheatfields, so I slowed down and looked for it…

What I saw was texture and patterns.  This first image wasn’t close enough, but here’s the full image.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a long enough lens to create the image I wanted, so here’s a crop from the first photo.

Patterns and texture.  And color – the yellow gold, with a few greens mixed in.  I think there are still some photos to find.  I’ll have to stop again.

Sony Alpha77, Minolta 70-210, Manfrotto tripod – and a GMC Jimmy.  🙂


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