The Greatest Time of Day


Devil’s Den State Park f/16, 1/200 sec, and ISO 400, 24-70 zoom lens set to 24mm.

Ever since I began making photographs, I prefer to photograph the morning.  I like to be there for that transition from night to day, when the colors change, and the light changes, and the day is fresh and with a new beginning.  And… every morning, every day, is different…  


Natural Dam f/16, 1/8 sec, ISO 100, 24mm pre-dawn light

In the winter, you see frost on rock edges and on the edges of leaves, and ribbons of ice from stems of plants, and you see frozen water, and fog rising from streams, and you feel the crispness of the air, and you see your breath…

Rock Frost 600-A7R-4156

Rock chips with frost at Natural Dam f/16, 1/6 seconds, ISO 125, 205mm

In spring and summer, it is cool and pleasant, and dew covers everything, and the sun sparkles on the dew drops, and the butterflies and the dragonflies and all the other insects and the birds begin to awaken and move about, and the morning light is soft and cool.


Cherokee Prairie f/11, 1/200, ISO 400, 100mm macro

And, sometimes, I photograph that instant when the sun first appears at the horizon.  The sun is bright, and I immediately feel its warmth.  I want to capture that feeling.  And, I often include a sun star (usually created by a wide angle lens, a small aperture, and hiding most of the sun behind something in the image) trying to express that exciting moment when the sun arrives!

Yellow Rock SunriseA7R-3286

Devil’s Den, f/16, 1/1000 sec, ISO 400, 24-70 zoom lens set to 36mm

So… you see, I do not photograph just the sun rising, but the light of morning, the new day’s freshness, the energy that a new day brings.  I am photographing the greatest time of day… 

Natural Dam - DSC06544

Natural Dam, f/16, 1/8 sec, ISO 100, 24mm


Here’s a sneak peek at upcoming posts:

  • My 10 Favorite Photos for 2017 – An annual exercise, reviewing the favorite photographs I made this year, then narrowing it down to just 10.  Sound easy?  Try it!
  • Returning to a Favorite Location – Do you find yourself frequently visiting the same places?  I do!  And, in my case, I have decided that’s OK…
  • Plans for 2018 – Not to be confused with resolutions, this will be a brief discussion of plans and options and hopes for the new year…


Until Next Time – I wish you sweet light and joy and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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