Van Buren Main Street

Here are some images I shot on an early morning of “Historic Main Street” in Van Buren, Arkansas – just some glimpses of where we call home.

Magenta Staircase in Van Buren

Magenta colored stairs behind a metal gate lead up to a private residence in Van Buren, Arkansas


Antiques sign in Van Buren

Antiques sign below a roof in downtown Van Buren, Arkansas



Red Bicycle Wheel Van Buren

Red bicycle wheel in a store window in downtown Van Buren


Street windows Van Buren

A trio of windows facing Main Street in Van Buren, Arkansas


Van Buren Door

A door off Main Street, Downtown Van Buren, Arkansas



Flower Bouquet

One of several along Main Street, Van Buren, Arkansas



Ice Cream Parlor bench

Bench in front of the Ice Cream Parlor, Van Buren, Arkansas



Three Windows

Another trio of windows on Main Street Van Buren, Arkansas



My intentions were to look for and photograph patterns and the color red; downtown Van Buren has plenty of both…

I used the Sony Alpha 77, Sony 16-50 and Tamron 70-300 lenses – and the Manfrotto tripod with Really Right Stuff ballhead.




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